Roulette “Ace” Diaz’s relationship with the cops is a little complicated. She’s arrested frequently enough that she is known to many of the officers of the peace in the port town of Titan’s Gate which she calls home. Because of the familiarity, however, she’s sometimes asked for information about local happenings, and has earned the trust of many of the guard.

Most recently—about a month ago—the authorities asked the young Ace to investigate the disappearance of the Koikonnen Diamond, a well-known pale blue diamond most recently in the posession of the Baron Drake Jacobs’ family. It was reported stolen from the home by Baron Jacobs’ wife, the Baroness Chimène (shi-MEN) Jacobs. But little news has turned up on the streets of the town, and the guard are losing hope in light of the high turnaround of seedy sailors that come in on the busy dock day and night.

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